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Address Signs

You may have seen an address sign in your area that looks like this:

May contain: number, symbol, and text

These signs help first responders find address locations in hard to navigate areas in the rural areas around The Dalles and in some cases, within the city. While it may seem obvious that we can see a fire, sometimes finding access to an address can be challenging. Since MCFR also operates the ambulance service for the area, we also need to find quick access to addresses where someone is sick or injured. Seconds can make a huge difference in these cases.

Where can I get my own sign?

You can stop by the Fire Station at 1400 W 8th Street and request a sign(s) Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (generally open during this time, but could be closed for lunch or emergencies)

Sometimes, a location may require more than one sign if there is a shared driveway or there are other secondary access points that may cause confusion. We have a few arrow choices as well as letters to designate units with the same address.

For questions, you can email Division Chief Jay Wood at the address below.