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Prevention and Education

Fire Prevention Week 2021

Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety


Download the video!


The Sounds of Fire Safety


Smoke Alarm Sounding
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Carbon Monoxide Alarm Sounding
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Low Alarm Chirp
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Believe in Fire Safety

We are teaming up with the Oregon State Fire Marshals Office (OSFM) and BigFoot to bring fire safety messages to all Oregonians.

OSFM has created a "Virtual Classroom". This is a PDF that you must download then it will provide you with links to other very important information about outdoor fire safety.

OSFM Virtual Classroom (PDF Download)


Other documents for the kids (and big kids) out there:

Big Foot Word Search (PDF Download)Big Foot Dot-to-Dot (PDF Download)


Virtual Team Teaching Video

Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue recently worked with the Mid-Columbia Fire Prevention Co-Op to produce a Virtual Team Teaching Video. The video can be found here: YouTube

Cooking Safety

Keep and eye on what you fry. Keep a lid nearby when you are cooking and if a fire starts, put a lid on it. Cover the pan, turn off the heat and let the fire self-extinguish. NEVER move the pan and never put water or anything else in the pan to extinguish the fire.

Knowledge Is The Best Fire Extinguisher

Download and read our brochure for more information on:

  • The dangers and what you can do to reduce risks
  • Other steps to become safer
  • What to do in a fire
  • Special advice for parents and caregivers
  • Special advice for renters
  • Special advice for older adults
  • Special advice for manufactured home residents
  • Safety devices and training
Home Safety Survey BrochureHome Safety Survey Checklist