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Fire Chief Robert Palmer

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Thank you for visiting the Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue web site. It is our intent to keep you informed of programs, activities, Board actions, and other pertinent information. I hope that your visit will give you an insight into the services that we provide as well as the dedicated people who serve the citizens of our community.

Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue is a special service District that provides traditional Fire, Rescue, and Prevention services to the City of The Dalles as well as the rural areas surrounding the City. Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue is also the Ambulance Service Provider for Ambulance Service Area #2, providing emergency advanced life support treatment and transport to our Citizens. Over 16,000 people live within the 110 square miles that the Fire District serves. The Fire District is funded primarily through property taxes and ambulance revenue.

As the Fire Chief of Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue it is my responsibility to make sure that the Fire District operates in a sound and efficient manner. I am extremely proud of the men and women of our Fire District. Every member of our organization, from top to bottom, works hard every day to bring critical services to your community. These professionals help to ensure that your community is safe; and they do their jobs very well.

When prevention fails to work and we are called upon to respond to a problem, it is important for you to know that the people who respond are highly skilled, motivated, and equipped to exceed your expectations. To do this, we spend a great deal of our time preparing for emergencies through training and pre-planning. We further strive to assure that our tools and techniques meet or exceed the latest industry standards.

The members of Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue are all gifted with natural talent and skills. We encourage our members to find new and innovative ways to improve our services in the most economic fashion possible. We continuously challenge our members to seek alternative methods to gain the necessary tools, technologies, and resources to provide an appropriate level of service to those we serve. We accomplish this through grant funding opportunities, cooperative response agreements with local and neighboring jurisdictions and the partnerships we have created with local government, business, and industry.

You will notice as you navigate thru our web site that we are very serious about the way we serve our community. Whether someone is a volunteer, career, or administrative member, we believe very strongly in doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Lastly, I would like to thank all our members and the public who so generously support our Fire District. In addition, I would especially like to thank our Board of Directors, Budget Committee and Civil Service Commission for the time, dedication, and support that they put into meeting the mission of the Fire District. It is evident that together, we are all committed to the success of Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue

Thank you for visiting the Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue web site.

I invite you to check back often for updates. I’ll conclude with our Fire District Motto –


Thank you

Robert F. Palmer, Fire Chief