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Guidelines for Submitting Public Records Requests

Public Records Requests must be submitted on the form specified here:

Public Info Request.pdf


Public Records Rates:

                Public Records/ for the first page ($.25/page thereafter)     - $10

                Certified Copies/per page, in addition to public records rate)     - $5

                Copies of Maps or other Non-Standard Documents     - Actual Cost

                Research Fees/per hour, if longer than 15 minutes     - $35

                Sound Recordings     - $20


Pursuant to ORS 192.440, District may include the cost of time spent by an attorney in reviewing the public records request.  For all fees greater than $25, the District will provide a written estimate of the amount to the requestor before fulfilling the public records request.

Pursuant to ORS 192.440, the District may furnish copies without charge or at a substantially reduced fee if the District determines that a waiver or reduction of fees is in the public interest.