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Public Records

The Fire District fully complies with Oregon Public Records Law, ORS 192.311 to ORS 192.431.

Specificity of Request: In order to facilitate the public's access to records in the District's possession, and to avoid unnecessary expenditure of staff time, persons requesting access to public records for inspection or copying, or who submit written requests for copies of public records, shall specify the records requested with particularity, furnishing the dates, subject matter and such other detail as may be necessary to enable District personnel to readily locate the records sought.

Access: The District shall permit inspection and examination of its nonexempt public records during regular business hours in the District's offices, or such other locations as the Board may reasonably designate from time to time. Copies of nonexempt public records maintained in machine readable or electronic form shall be furnished, if available, in the form requested. If not available in the form requested, such records shall be made available in the form in which they are maintained.

Fees for Public Records are outlined in Fire District Ordinance 2008-01 and Board Resolution 2009-04 and are limited by provision of ORS 192.324. Contact the business office at 541-296-9445 for more information.